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Senin, 12 Desember 2011

unexpected three

i go trough another unexpected day, and again with some unexpected person.

i almost go to cimahi by myself to search some data source, randomly with myself, with no knowledge in my head, no gps, no map. till my sister let me rent a car, i bought pulse, and call Omo thousand times, but he didn't hang up, so i call Dafi, but he extremely lazy. till i call Amran, and thanks God he want to accompany and drive me to where i want to go. At Amran, i call Gangan, as we expected, he want and go straight to Amran dorm.

The very unexpected person is Yano. Amran and i wait for the car in front of Ciseke, then Yano just came. We pull him and tell him to come with us. He know nothing, we push him to the car and tell him that we wanna go to Bandung. He just came back from Jakarta fyi.

They kindly accompany me to Dago - Cimahi - Dago - Buah Batu - Nangor. Ah, we do a quick visit at Lana's home, thankyou dearest Lana and her dad :)

Our very important purpose is -> we (Gangan, Yano, and me) take a short driving course with Amran. He such an emosional teacher, LOL kidding man. Gangan always go left and weak gas, Yano a little go right and no brake, he gave us heart attack tonight with a bit of roller coaster feeling, he really didn't want to hear us say "brake!! BRAKE!!!"

I refresh my memory, i need much much much practice on the road. someday if i already make some money by my own, i'll runaway myself to familiarize my instink to do whatever it takes.

Life is life, if you treat it like what it should. Thankyou Amran, Gangan, Yano, and Lana, to make this day a little brighter.



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