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Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011


December 30th, 2011 will be one of my great moment this year!

after some month of the hardworks, my hair finally BLUE!

Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

dear my highschool friends

dear my highschool friends,

where are you?

this holiday is you're busy time?
do your college hold you so mean?
do you still around?

wait, is it me who have limited friend, or just because i'm not searching good enaugh.
dear dear, do i back to the old me? no no, i don't think so. this is not too much to ask, i think.

well well, as an O blood type person, much trouble solved by food

here you go
my original recipe,

spicy bolognaise pancake with chicken and cheese, decoration unincluded

someday, i'll open my own restaurant with my own recipe, i will, amin.

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

monday skipness

today is monday,
i don't hate monday, i love it, at least this monday.

finally, i got back home at Jakarta.

No friends ask me to play, hhh until some of them realize and feel sorry, because when im at Jatinangor, they keep asking me when will i back Jakarta, but when im here, they busy with their own business.

I think everything starts when Cinta see my and some of our friends' tweet, we say that we do nothing in Jakarta, bored, and need fun.

It's end with me and Isti, got in Monas. I bought a kite, bat shape, nice one, its blue and red! I name it Beat
lets welcome Beat to the family *applause fx*

i play it with Isti while waiting for Cinta and Harbiw. The best part i remember is, when Beat is flying all around the sky, i keep loosing the string, until i realize that no more strings in my hand, the seller didn't tie the strings on the handle, Beat is diving very fast back to the earth. Automaticcaly, i run to Beat, fast, very fast, Isti who record me just laughing so hard.

Cinta come, Harbiw come.
dark and windy, perfect for flying the kite. look! there's a long bicycle!
After failing on renting the long bicycle, we decided going to Burger King Sarinah, do you really want to know what vehicle we use to reach Sarinah?

I don't recognize any ordinary human in ordinary occasion use that kind of vehicle, just from Monas to Burger King Sarinah.

Bapak Kusir and Harbiw
thats aweeeesomeeeee!

In Burger King, Two Isti's friend (Arlita and Ica) , which is one of them is a friend of my friend too, come join us. There i met a Canadian Man too, his name is (if my heraing is right) Iam. He looks like about 50 years old man. I always interested talking in foreign language, when he smiling at me, of course i smile back. He greets me "How are you?" Like lesson in elementary school, i answer, "Fine, thank you".

There, the conversation start with "Do you speak English?" | "Yeah, a bit."

He ask if we can be friend, friend is good so i agree. But i think tha standarization of a friend between us is different. He ask me for a walk and dinner together, trully sorry, i refuse. He's a little bit force for a walk and dinner, he even say that he want to go to Bandung with me. I feel awkward, hmm. At first, i think that he just a foreigner that want a little chit chat, some talk about Indonesia, but i don't think the same after the conversation. Thanks God, he realize that i feel no comfort, while smiling, he say that he's serious and i'm not. He say good bye, i feel relaxed. He looks like a nice person, and i hope so, i don't think he's bad, maybe it's just a different culture. That's such a nice experience by the way.

The journey is on again, Harbiw say that he know a place that nice to sit down and have some chat. Its inside his Father's office, in front of the "Tugu Proklamasi"

We almost forget Jakarta, among six people, just one person who studied here, and she didn't know much too. We relay on Harbiw to showing the way, and he's just a abstract person. You know that a police man is frustated when explaining the way to him, the last effort of the police man is drawing a short map from him. You should see how's the map look

Its just a shape of the middle bone fish!
so LOL, too LOL!
When we're on Manggarai, he say to take a U-turn. Arlita, the one driving see thats some suck traffic jam we need to endure if we take a U-turn. When we make him to be sure, you know what did he say? "Yah gimana dong, Petanya abis disini." =_=

Then Ica say that "Tugu Proklamasi" is the statue of Bung Karno and Bung Hatta when they proclamating our freedom. Damn! I know where that statue stand still!

And that's so wrong if we take a U-turn. We must turn left, thanks God we don't need to stuck in that traffic jam! Harbiw say that when the first time he go to the center of Jakarta, he arrived in Slipi where his real  destinantion is Sarinah. After the story, we don't wanna ask Harbiw about the road anymore.

We arrived! YAY!
the office is closed, today is national free work because of christmast event, nice job Biw.

We've no place to go, suddenly harbiw got a news, great news for him. the girl he chased right now is asking for dinner together. All we hear on the road is his beg to go to Blok M, because there he park his motorcycle. All the way, he keep begging, because Cinta's car is somewhere near there too, we going there. Sadly, our trip end just with sitting in Seven Eleven, eating chips and some slurpee.

But today highlight is aweeeesomeeeee, delman from Monas to Sarinah is much more cooler to tell than riding a limo! :D i love my country



Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

in the middle of December

Lately i feel so tired.
My final task for every lessons make me go out of town multiple times.
My plan to back home is being destroyed for three weeks.
My final exams are coming closer.

My life is so random this week, its really fun, but also very tired because its cost me much energy.
I go to many place, playing around with much friends, even when i really not so close with them, i go everywhere to reduce my stressed around the head, i never take my task so hard, i make them slow to enjoy, but when it come much, i do tired.
Because when i need to race over the time to interview doctor and professor, going to Cimahi for interview the government and locals, driving a motorbike with kopling and the grip is wider than your shoulder. Thats fun, for real!
But i need a rest, i need playing with human, who ever they are, as long as thay can take it, then i don't mind it. I need home, i need Jakarta, i need holiday.
ah, and finally i do some photoshoot, my wish in December 10th, has accomplished in December 14th.


Selasa, 13 Desember 2011


i love all my friends and celebrating their birthday, but tonight, i just feel like making something. its a real quick gift. for both of you.

uzie and marsha
Fauzia Rahmatika and Marsha Danessa

photo by: Prestigious CP

let's go party :*
superb borndates

Senin, 12 Desember 2011

unexpected three

i go trough another unexpected day, and again with some unexpected person.

i almost go to cimahi by myself to search some data source, randomly with myself, with no knowledge in my head, no gps, no map. till my sister let me rent a car, i bought pulse, and call Omo thousand times, but he didn't hang up, so i call Dafi, but he extremely lazy. till i call Amran, and thanks God he want to accompany and drive me to where i want to go. At Amran, i call Gangan, as we expected, he want and go straight to Amran dorm.

The very unexpected person is Yano. Amran and i wait for the car in front of Ciseke, then Yano just came. We pull him and tell him to come with us. He know nothing, we push him to the car and tell him that we wanna go to Bandung. He just came back from Jakarta fyi.

They kindly accompany me to Dago - Cimahi - Dago - Buah Batu - Nangor. Ah, we do a quick visit at Lana's home, thankyou dearest Lana and her dad :)

Our very important purpose is -> we (Gangan, Yano, and me) take a short driving course with Amran. He such an emosional teacher, LOL kidding man. Gangan always go left and weak gas, Yano a little go right and no brake, he gave us heart attack tonight with a bit of roller coaster feeling, he really didn't want to hear us say "brake!! BRAKE!!!"

I refresh my memory, i need much much much practice on the road. someday if i already make some money by my own, i'll runaway myself to familiarize my instink to do whatever it takes.

Life is life, if you treat it like what it should. Thankyou Amran, Gangan, Yano, and Lana, to make this day a little brighter.



Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

this is my lifestyle blog

i have this blog

that us my very first own blog that made for my school and life story at the first time.
Then i realize, more over when i gradute highschool, the content is start to over random.
There's no focus, i always confused when i want to start another post.

But, that means a world to me.
That blog have already accompany me for about 3 or 4 years, it have my highschool madness story, sometimes i open up the old post just for another laugh and memories. But yeah, i hope that the blog is always there.
This empreinte au hasard is purposedly for my job, photography, make up, styling. And i don't know, i hope that i can keep it this way.

shefron and empreinte will always be my blog, ill take care both. ah and i still have to take care my empreinte tumblr.

Wish me luck with this blogsitesitting ;*

swa <3


You know what's hurts?

Winning a quiz you really want to,
the prize is going to a concert where your favourite artist that maybe you cant meet for your whole life,
but its overseas and you have no money, no passport, and no visa.
You already inform that you're overseas, have no money, no passport, and no visa, 4 times!
Even from when you're submitting the form.
The concert happens tomorrow!!!

Dear lovely MTv IGGY and Gotham Casting Team, thankyou for choosing me, but why? you already know that definitely i CAN NOT ATTEND. I am in INDONESIA, and the concert in NEW YORK! oh, its hurts my hearts a little. I REALLY WANT TO MEET AND SING FOR 2NE1 !!!!!!!

ooh Park Bom, Sandara Park, Lee Chaerin, Gong Minkki :( :(

2NE1 i can't meet them :( this is the confirmed email
click image to enlarge

#nowplaying list:

2NE1 - It Hurts
2NE1 - Lonely

Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

single day

today, i work on my college duty (again). today, by myself.

i enjoy every moment treasuring Bandung alone, going here and there by public transportation, calling friends, meeting people and trapped in some miss communication, get wet, searching place. and i find it really fun, mostly when i can reach the place i find. that's quite makes me happy.
when i wait for my home bus in the shelter is where i met this person called Aa' Hendra. He give me a clean seat at the shelter. He's  a 'tahu gejrot' seller, that tofu food is the only tofu i love the most. i let one bus left, and facing that i must wait about another hour for another bus, all for the 'tahu gejrot'.
and here they come served

tahu gejrot
can you see the corn pattern of the fork, that's in of the unique, tahu gejrot i know, always served with that kind of fork, never different, since kid until now. corn pattern fork and rock bowl. soooo typical, i love it.

and this is Aa' Hendra

after serving the tofu
He is from Cirebon, he lives here with another tahu gejrot seller in a rented house. He already doing this for 3 years. And you know what? he tolds me that he only 28 years old. i dont believe it, but he said thats no lie.
Yeah just go for it.

I spend a good time chatting with him while waiting for my bus. New people, new stories.

And when i arrived at Jatinangor, i go straight to Jatos and having this cute new family, here's the new member of my typical stuff

treat me well please
Lemme introduce you this boots called Kibo (the sellers named it), but from now on for personalizing my stuff, it's new name is Wobsky. Its 100% handmade, It's knitted! (oh i missed my knitted kitten hat.) You know? I'll try my best to keep it nice, save and treat it great, so it'll stay long last. LONG LIVE KNITTED THINGS!

Call me Wobsky

Cinta and Dafi came over to finished my group's task's script.
The three of us enjoy the time of, again being random, we did a little worry about the future of our group that always finishing the task very very very random, but finished. since we lipsync the birds in front of DPRD building, till now, finishing the script, which is surprisingly finish before our own deadline! I hope, we'll enjoy time like this for the future. I miss photosession, money please

what a day.


Jumat, 09 Desember 2011


i miss the beach

and you guys

hope we can immediately be like the old times

grow olds is okay, grow bad ass different is suck

never tacky


i'm not a fashion police, nor a fashion victim.

but i do love things that super unique and wearable, such as my kitten style knitted hat, which is i suspect that it's stolen. damn.

i havent take much pictures with my hat :( screwed you stealer!

i am fat, i am not tall. But you know? That doesn't make me feel like i just must wear a so-so outfit or something that EVERYbody wear. yeah maybe i'm stubborn or anything but thats the way i survive here.

i do love boots, especially ankle boots. i love them far away before it's go trend. im trying very hard to find an ankle boots for my prom, when people weren't so aware.

once, i really wants a boots like this

immediately, i ask my friends to accompany me to Gedebage. i know that the original is quite expensive, and i didn'really in to expensive things, except they are really really differently unique and worthed.

my friends, Ana and Dadang, were really surprised when they know that i want to buy that kind of shoes, they just ask me why, and i answer "i just  want it. it's tough, i need the thick sole, with my feet's type, the normal shoes wouldn't survive it, no matter the price or quality. and this is super cool."

they never told me to not buy it, they just say that if you want, then buy it.

lately i know that Ana think that me and the shoes didn't perfectly match, and when the first time she knew that i want to buy that kind of shoes, she really against it. But she didnt tell me because i really confident with it, so she think that it goes well with me, nothing strange.

Yeah, im fat and not tall, maybe boots or ankle boots will make me look bad. but we didn't know until we see i wear that right?

here they go, never ever afraid thats something you really like to wear and you think match yourself perfectly is tacky. In Indonesia, yeah maybe, but believes that if you keep it and someday you're wear it abroad. hm, i think that will perfectly be your own fashion pleasure and whats best is, thats the real you!

the random's pleasure

have you feel a day full with random? i had, since i write this on Friday, 0:46, so that's happen yesterday.

Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

a Hundred

since this blog born, emm thursday at November 24th, 2011.

Just a passing a hundred statistics tonight, yay!


the hardwork fell over

Hi guys, yeah, i didn't get chosen as one of the semifinalist. artwork and video of GoGirl.

But, its okay you know? I predict it.

Sometimes you know that people will call you 'sotoy' or like people who bullshit-ing.
yeah, thats not the way it works.

Shut up. I know me.

I don't care what people talking about. everything i did purposely, or something with big effort, such as when im going to college, trying really hard for FSRD ITB, or when i crazy about SHINee ticket concert, go to Jakarta, trying to get the ticket or whatsoever, everybody knew, thats all fail. Just like this you know. I really meant to and did the progress really serious. yeah. i do fail.

Suck that thing, i don't care failing. because, you know? when i do the progress, i tell to myself that this is such a progress, and i do enjoy it. Lemme tell you that happiness will come after all. I know that they're coming without knocking the door. Theyre coming with no sounds but zap! it will beat your heart fast like the moment you heard people shout SURPRISE!! at your secret birthday surprise party.
breathe taker, mind blowing, and definitely, major fun.

Like the way GOD give me the pass word for FIKOM UNPAD at SNMPTN 2009, or when this email come

and take my breathe a moment. Theyre great, and they are the things i'm not giving my all. That was the thing i just go with it, without too much expectation and faith, i jus't dont care, do and go. And things like that really amusing!

But once again, i'm just a 'sotoy' person. i know me, but GOD know me more.

here, i'll just put my artworks here, wanna share the video too, but you just need to wait until my uploading mood come, and yeah sometimes that takes months or year ;)

my first sent artwork, when the hectic moment while editing the first version video
my second sent artwork, when rendering the second version video, because they postponed the damned deadline =_=
Gosh, that the first time i make such artworks, im not a digital designing person, so there they go. I statisfied with it. \(- o -)/ yeeee!

with the spirit of not regreting any good process,


Congratez Indira!! ((o(^∀^)o))

congratulation for super baby Indiraaaa, you've kicked it again <3 <3
Gosh, all of her 3 artworks get in to GoGirl semi finalist, all of that, she's such a GoGirl design perfect match, LOL.

Well then dear readers, i think that you've just have to help her be a winner.


i know that words sound lame lately, there's so much things going with 'please vote', 'help me vote', 'blah blah vote', 'vote to help me win', etcetera. whatever, just take that back off, open this link. and click! voila!

help my dear baby, click



and, here

yeah, i've told you right? thats all three.

super love, swa.

Launching of The Analog Party (^.^) <+

Deborah and Maleo
sample from 'moron analog party ;o dance dance' album

I forget when, this is like 1 or 2 years ago, at ShilaLele's dorm at Depok.

This was after some scheduled photoshoot with my friend dory and ulmo, sadly, they cant take the mood of my friends out, so i think they don't get what they want. Fortunately, as they are my friend, they feel more enjoy to pose and explore their style. So, i think this is one of my unscheduled shoot. I have no thought about make up and hair do back then.

All of this shot using Ka Fika's Nikon SLR analog (Uzie's big sist)

check the moment, here

Senin, 05 Desember 2011

GoGirl! Competition 2011

Just've sent my artworks and video for GoGirl! competition. I really happy found that even the progress is so hard and tiring, it really make my heart in such a peace.

Super thanks to baby dira @diradingdong to always lemme know about every design competition, especially GoGirl! psst, a little info, she already win a competition on GoGirl! once. How lovely she is. thankyou for every people and every single element which helped me extra much.

Win or Lose, i really enjoy the progress, so ... let's just wait see, and experience the destiny from GOD.


Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Little place, super love ♥

sample from daily day light by Uswatun Khasanah

after uzie's quick visit to Jatinangor to feel my second home, we're back to Uzie's mom's apartment, bring my cullen, and suddenly Uzie ask for the session i'd promise before. This is one of my fastest upload, that's because she's got sick and i gave her the album session as a get well soon gift.

Photo by Uswatun Khasanah
Make Up by Fauzia Rahmatika
Creative Make Up Idea by Uswatun Khasanah
Stylist by Fauzia Rahmatika

I really really love her apartment!! throwing away the coldness of the corridor, i hope i'll have as cozy as that in a house. someday <3

to see the big comfort, click me

Jumat, 25 November 2011

First Real Session Ever!

the noir juliet


sample from "masih ada lagi" by Uswatun Khasanah

 Taken about one or couples year ago maybe

Photo by Uswatun Khasanah
Make Up and Hair do by The Models
Stylist by Uswatun Khasanah and the hectic screwed moment, lol
Models by Early Carlia, Eshany Ashila, Debby Eka Putri

This is my first serious photosession ever! After this, they start to enjoy, tempted, and addicted. Asking for another session, LOL. What a moment! <3

wanna see some other of the moment? click me

The After Night


sample from "after night - for so long" by Uswatun Khasanah

Photo by Uswatun Khasanah
Creative Make Up Idea by Uswatun Khasanah
Make Up by Uswatun Khasanah and the models
Stylist by Uswatun Khasanah and the models
Models by Fauzia Rahmatika, Eshany Ashila, Early Carlia, Irianti Novita

First make up idea i ever realize.

they are some of my best mate,
our own joke, look like:
Tyas Mirasih (uzie), Rossa (Shila), Happy Salma (Early), and Tamara Blezinsky (Nophe) <3

for the full session, click me
for behind the dumbfounded session, click me