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Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

never tacky


i'm not a fashion police, nor a fashion victim.

but i do love things that super unique and wearable, such as my kitten style knitted hat, which is i suspect that it's stolen. damn.

i havent take much pictures with my hat :( screwed you stealer!

i am fat, i am not tall. But you know? That doesn't make me feel like i just must wear a so-so outfit or something that EVERYbody wear. yeah maybe i'm stubborn or anything but thats the way i survive here.

i do love boots, especially ankle boots. i love them far away before it's go trend. im trying very hard to find an ankle boots for my prom, when people weren't so aware.

once, i really wants a boots like this

immediately, i ask my friends to accompany me to Gedebage. i know that the original is quite expensive, and i didn'really in to expensive things, except they are really really differently unique and worthed.

my friends, Ana and Dadang, were really surprised when they know that i want to buy that kind of shoes, they just ask me why, and i answer "i just  want it. it's tough, i need the thick sole, with my feet's type, the normal shoes wouldn't survive it, no matter the price or quality. and this is super cool."

they never told me to not buy it, they just say that if you want, then buy it.

lately i know that Ana think that me and the shoes didn't perfectly match, and when the first time she knew that i want to buy that kind of shoes, she really against it. But she didnt tell me because i really confident with it, so she think that it goes well with me, nothing strange.

Yeah, im fat and not tall, maybe boots or ankle boots will make me look bad. but we didn't know until we see i wear that right?

here they go, never ever afraid thats something you really like to wear and you think match yourself perfectly is tacky. In Indonesia, yeah maybe, but believes that if you keep it and someday you're wear it abroad. hm, i think that will perfectly be your own fashion pleasure and whats best is, thats the real you!

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