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Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

The Experience of The Adventure


As you know, there are Fashion Class in Spektrum, and i was one of the student. A while ago, Spektrum holding an event named Spektrum Super Hunting. A photosession where we rent bigger studio than ours and do sessions. One photographer, one model.

There is a girl, the first girl that i have to gather all my guts to know her. Wait a moment.
Just a little explanation, i'm straight, you know. So why did i so nervous at that time? Because that is the first time i ask a total strangers to be my model. She just walking through the blue canopy at my campus that day, i see her side face and totally fall in love with the shape of her lips.

I told my friends that i wanna ask her  to be my model, but i hesitate. I said, "if she walking one more time in front of us, i will ask her." And what happen next? You know. She's not coming back. I'm so anxious at that time and say like, "where is she, why she's not coming back." So, i gather all my guts and sanity together, go to the direction where she was heading before. And there she is, not so far, i introduce myself, and ask her right away.

Yay! once again, I am straight. Its just, like Mr. T.O.P. said, "no matter what anyone says, passion never lies." Not everytime you can find a model that just fit your imagination, and i am so really happy if i can find them.

And the story goes on, she never be a model before (she said), and i am the first one who ask her. She totally do not understand why i want to make her my model (she said). But here we are, she already goes on one photosession with me at the Spektrum Super Hunting. I am learning how to dig in the expression, talent, and mistery of a total stranger, with so little time, like about 30 minutes if i remember it right. I think, we both did quite a nice day, that day.

Spektrum want to make another event, it's Unpad Fashion Week ( UFW ). So they did record our Super Hunting for the teaser of UFW, i challenge you. Can you guess who is her, in this video? There is a clue, we both there at the opening of the video :3

second teaser of Unpad Fashion Week

I will tell you the answer when the times to post, the result of our session in Super Hunting, here.
By the way, my (selfishly called 'mine') model management have one new member, hihihi.

Having new experiences is really, i mean, REALLY, fun.
keep ride the adventure!



The story is, i decide to join the portrait photography class in Spektrum with Arza Nursatya as a mentor.

Then, this is when i (try) to take a (so called) portrait photography of one of our class' member, Yasmin. But i don't think that this is it tho, because of not using any make up, i did little manipulation to soften the face and skin. Well, that's what we called 'learn', right?

As always, this taken a long time ago. Maybe a year ago? I do not remember exactly when, but please enjoy :)

Yasmin B. Afifah

Photographer : Uswatun Khasanah
Models          : Yasmin B. Afifah
Stylist            : Uswatun Khasanah

keep searching what is the secret inside the portrait,

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Anger Management for The Candy Bolt

hey, this is kinda old,
but at this photo session, i'm experiencing the anger of  the downfall mood at the freakin spot of the session.

that time i feel like how unprofessional i am, handling the model and myself,
and from that time being, i purposely did not take care of every detail in the settings and try to focus at capturing the moment and expressions.

so, i guess this is what's left from the exhausting moment of the candy bolt.
hope you guys found what im trying to tell you :3



Photographer : Uswatun Khasanah
Models          : Eskanisa Ramadhiani
Stylist            : Uswatun Khasanah
Make up       : Uswatun Khasanah

so there's go the candy bolt of Eskanisa.
i hope that i can maintain my mood everytime.

be patient all the way, learning and evolving,