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Senin, 05 November 2012

bad and good

Hi, it's already november.

My grandma is suffering breast cancer, my house's environment are burn by the fire. That was very awful and sad. Now i'm raising fund from my friends, trying to help my neighbors who homeless now. If you want to help, please kindly contact me or comment in this post. Thanks :)

I've just realised that many albums in my facebook page is error. I lost many photo, the link i gave you before, somehow it lead you to the album, but now, no photo came up. That was sad and bad, i kinda feel annoyed. I hope facebook will notice this and gave my photo back to me.

That is the bad story around, but there still many goodness in the air.

For a full month, i live my self with other 20 University of Padjajaran's student to the fullest at Gunung Sungging, Surade, Sukabumi. My part of college study, meet many new people and things. Learn many awesome life's lesson. Something that you can't buy with just money, seriously people, it is a must try! Such a joyful July and amazing August.

I watched BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR IN INDONESIA, two straight days. Make an eye contact with Choi Seunghyun is incredibly awesome. See the super human G-Dragon is legendary. A dope October.

My sister's baby is finally see the earth light. Syafiqah Rahmah, a newborn baby girl, my new niece. Wavy lips grand grand child number four. She's the early gift for my sister's birthday, such an exciting November.

Chill, i did not stop searching for a new fun. :p
Remember when i told you that there still some photosession i keep? Yes, finally (sorry for this habbit), some of that session is ready to serve :) yay! I made a video for my television feature's task. it's about someone's hobby. I already upload it on my Facebook, i'll show you here later.

Are you ready?

Here we go ~( ' o ' )~

Flaming passion and exciting life,
kiss, kiss, burning!