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Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

in the middle of December

Lately i feel so tired.
My final task for every lessons make me go out of town multiple times.
My plan to back home is being destroyed for three weeks.
My final exams are coming closer.

My life is so random this week, its really fun, but also very tired because its cost me much energy.
I go to many place, playing around with much friends, even when i really not so close with them, i go everywhere to reduce my stressed around the head, i never take my task so hard, i make them slow to enjoy, but when it come much, i do tired.
Because when i need to race over the time to interview doctor and professor, going to Cimahi for interview the government and locals, driving a motorbike with kopling and the grip is wider than your shoulder. Thats fun, for real!
But i need a rest, i need playing with human, who ever they are, as long as thay can take it, then i don't mind it. I need home, i need Jakarta, i need holiday.
ah, and finally i do some photoshoot, my wish in December 10th, has accomplished in December 14th.


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