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Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

the hardwork fell over

Hi guys, yeah, i didn't get chosen as one of the semifinalist. artwork and video of GoGirl.

But, its okay you know? I predict it.

Sometimes you know that people will call you 'sotoy' or like people who bullshit-ing.
yeah, thats not the way it works.

Shut up. I know me.

I don't care what people talking about. everything i did purposely, or something with big effort, such as when im going to college, trying really hard for FSRD ITB, or when i crazy about SHINee ticket concert, go to Jakarta, trying to get the ticket or whatsoever, everybody knew, thats all fail. Just like this you know. I really meant to and did the progress really serious. yeah. i do fail.

Suck that thing, i don't care failing. because, you know? when i do the progress, i tell to myself that this is such a progress, and i do enjoy it. Lemme tell you that happiness will come after all. I know that they're coming without knocking the door. Theyre coming with no sounds but zap! it will beat your heart fast like the moment you heard people shout SURPRISE!! at your secret birthday surprise party.
breathe taker, mind blowing, and definitely, major fun.

Like the way GOD give me the pass word for FIKOM UNPAD at SNMPTN 2009, or when this email come

and take my breathe a moment. Theyre great, and they are the things i'm not giving my all. That was the thing i just go with it, without too much expectation and faith, i jus't dont care, do and go. And things like that really amusing!

But once again, i'm just a 'sotoy' person. i know me, but GOD know me more.

here, i'll just put my artworks here, wanna share the video too, but you just need to wait until my uploading mood come, and yeah sometimes that takes months or year ;)

my first sent artwork, when the hectic moment while editing the first version video
my second sent artwork, when rendering the second version video, because they postponed the damned deadline =_=
Gosh, that the first time i make such artworks, im not a digital designing person, so there they go. I statisfied with it. \(- o -)/ yeeee!

with the spirit of not regreting any good process,


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