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Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

single day

today, i work on my college duty (again). today, by myself.

i enjoy every moment treasuring Bandung alone, going here and there by public transportation, calling friends, meeting people and trapped in some miss communication, get wet, searching place. and i find it really fun, mostly when i can reach the place i find. that's quite makes me happy.
when i wait for my home bus in the shelter is where i met this person called Aa' Hendra. He give me a clean seat at the shelter. He's  a 'tahu gejrot' seller, that tofu food is the only tofu i love the most. i let one bus left, and facing that i must wait about another hour for another bus, all for the 'tahu gejrot'.
and here they come served

tahu gejrot
can you see the corn pattern of the fork, that's in of the unique, tahu gejrot i know, always served with that kind of fork, never different, since kid until now. corn pattern fork and rock bowl. soooo typical, i love it.

and this is Aa' Hendra

after serving the tofu
He is from Cirebon, he lives here with another tahu gejrot seller in a rented house. He already doing this for 3 years. And you know what? he tolds me that he only 28 years old. i dont believe it, but he said thats no lie.
Yeah just go for it.

I spend a good time chatting with him while waiting for my bus. New people, new stories.

And when i arrived at Jatinangor, i go straight to Jatos and having this cute new family, here's the new member of my typical stuff

treat me well please
Lemme introduce you this boots called Kibo (the sellers named it), but from now on for personalizing my stuff, it's new name is Wobsky. Its 100% handmade, It's knitted! (oh i missed my knitted kitten hat.) You know? I'll try my best to keep it nice, save and treat it great, so it'll stay long last. LONG LIVE KNITTED THINGS!

Call me Wobsky

Cinta and Dafi came over to finished my group's task's script.
The three of us enjoy the time of, again being random, we did a little worry about the future of our group that always finishing the task very very very random, but finished. since we lipsync the birds in front of DPRD building, till now, finishing the script, which is surprisingly finish before our own deadline! I hope, we'll enjoy time like this for the future. I miss photosession, money please

what a day.


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