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Rabu, 07 Februari 2018

BIG NEWS. For somebody, maybe.

So, big news.

I decided to go back writing in the blog, since i think maybe, maybe, this can be a way to release some stuff from my thought. As many people know, keeping the consistency is no easy job, but just like some, i'll just try.

On the top of my head right now, i am thinking about how we really in desperate need of cozy and nice public library in town. But, then i do some research and find out that Freedom Institute, one of the coziest library i've been in Jakarta, decided to re-open and move to Kuningan! Yay, so i'm not gonna write about that anymore.

Instead, i'm just gonna share about things that happen today. I bought a safe.

Stikernya pasang sendiri, kalau gapake stiker juga lucu, ala ala minimalis gitu.
So, i'm gonna fill this safe, start saving some money to buy Lumpia Basah and other stuff i need. Like for instance, fix my phone screen.

Can you see the cracks? It's gorilla glass...
One more thing, today, i finally wear the crystal my friend, Amink, gave me as a souvenir from her meditation journey to Nepal. She said she will craft the adjusted string for it to be a necklace, but since i don't think it will be done soon, this morning i ask my mom to craft some emergency ribbon, so i can wear it as a necklace today.

Kata orang kantor, ini pengocok telor dan bohlam lampu. Ya bebas.
I never know that turns out i can stand wearing a choker (kinda). Wearing this makes me feel like i'm sporting the 90's style look with crop top and a bright little stripped pencil pants. My hair got kinda long, always in dilemma between cut it short or keep it long and longer and longer... Woman, who's with me???

Oh, and i still taking photographs for BintangBumi, somebody know people who needs our service? Go say hi to the admin to know about more. OMG, promosi teteppp. Ya, so i think i'll drop some photos from some of our latest session tomorrow. See ya lads!