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Senin, 26 Desember 2011

monday skipness

today is monday,
i don't hate monday, i love it, at least this monday.

finally, i got back home at Jakarta.

No friends ask me to play, hhh until some of them realize and feel sorry, because when im at Jatinangor, they keep asking me when will i back Jakarta, but when im here, they busy with their own business.

I think everything starts when Cinta see my and some of our friends' tweet, we say that we do nothing in Jakarta, bored, and need fun.

It's end with me and Isti, got in Monas. I bought a kite, bat shape, nice one, its blue and red! I name it Beat
lets welcome Beat to the family *applause fx*

i play it with Isti while waiting for Cinta and Harbiw. The best part i remember is, when Beat is flying all around the sky, i keep loosing the string, until i realize that no more strings in my hand, the seller didn't tie the strings on the handle, Beat is diving very fast back to the earth. Automaticcaly, i run to Beat, fast, very fast, Isti who record me just laughing so hard.

Cinta come, Harbiw come.
dark and windy, perfect for flying the kite. look! there's a long bicycle!
After failing on renting the long bicycle, we decided going to Burger King Sarinah, do you really want to know what vehicle we use to reach Sarinah?

I don't recognize any ordinary human in ordinary occasion use that kind of vehicle, just from Monas to Burger King Sarinah.

Bapak Kusir and Harbiw
thats aweeeesomeeeee!

In Burger King, Two Isti's friend (Arlita and Ica) , which is one of them is a friend of my friend too, come join us. There i met a Canadian Man too, his name is (if my heraing is right) Iam. He looks like about 50 years old man. I always interested talking in foreign language, when he smiling at me, of course i smile back. He greets me "How are you?" Like lesson in elementary school, i answer, "Fine, thank you".

There, the conversation start with "Do you speak English?" | "Yeah, a bit."

He ask if we can be friend, friend is good so i agree. But i think tha standarization of a friend between us is different. He ask me for a walk and dinner together, trully sorry, i refuse. He's a little bit force for a walk and dinner, he even say that he want to go to Bandung with me. I feel awkward, hmm. At first, i think that he just a foreigner that want a little chit chat, some talk about Indonesia, but i don't think the same after the conversation. Thanks God, he realize that i feel no comfort, while smiling, he say that he's serious and i'm not. He say good bye, i feel relaxed. He looks like a nice person, and i hope so, i don't think he's bad, maybe it's just a different culture. That's such a nice experience by the way.

The journey is on again, Harbiw say that he know a place that nice to sit down and have some chat. Its inside his Father's office, in front of the "Tugu Proklamasi"

We almost forget Jakarta, among six people, just one person who studied here, and she didn't know much too. We relay on Harbiw to showing the way, and he's just a abstract person. You know that a police man is frustated when explaining the way to him, the last effort of the police man is drawing a short map from him. You should see how's the map look

Its just a shape of the middle bone fish!
so LOL, too LOL!
When we're on Manggarai, he say to take a U-turn. Arlita, the one driving see thats some suck traffic jam we need to endure if we take a U-turn. When we make him to be sure, you know what did he say? "Yah gimana dong, Petanya abis disini." =_=

Then Ica say that "Tugu Proklamasi" is the statue of Bung Karno and Bung Hatta when they proclamating our freedom. Damn! I know where that statue stand still!

And that's so wrong if we take a U-turn. We must turn left, thanks God we don't need to stuck in that traffic jam! Harbiw say that when the first time he go to the center of Jakarta, he arrived in Slipi where his real  destinantion is Sarinah. After the story, we don't wanna ask Harbiw about the road anymore.

We arrived! YAY!
the office is closed, today is national free work because of christmast event, nice job Biw.

We've no place to go, suddenly harbiw got a news, great news for him. the girl he chased right now is asking for dinner together. All we hear on the road is his beg to go to Blok M, because there he park his motorcycle. All the way, he keep begging, because Cinta's car is somewhere near there too, we going there. Sadly, our trip end just with sitting in Seven Eleven, eating chips and some slurpee.

But today highlight is aweeeesomeeeee, delman from Monas to Sarinah is much more cooler to tell than riding a limo! :D i love my country



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