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Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Congratez Indira!! ((o(^∀^)o))

congratulation for super baby Indiraaaa, you've kicked it again <3 <3
Gosh, all of her 3 artworks get in to GoGirl semi finalist, all of that, she's such a GoGirl design perfect match, LOL.

Well then dear readers, i think that you've just have to help her be a winner.


i know that words sound lame lately, there's so much things going with 'please vote', 'help me vote', 'blah blah vote', 'vote to help me win', etcetera. whatever, just take that back off, open this link. and click! voila!

help my dear baby, click



and, here

yeah, i've told you right? thats all three.

super love, swa.

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